“If YOA is the future of the symphony orchestra, then that future is secure.”
–Philip Glass

“I know of no example of cultures coexisting more beautifully than in YOA.”
–Carlos Miguel Prieto

“What is so special about YOA is the sense of sharing between cultures.”
–Gustavo Dudamel

“In YOA young leaders become musical ambassadors.”
Yo-Yo Ma

“I learn from them… from their passion, their talent, and their joy.”
–Plácido Domingo

“I am continually inspired by this orchestra.”
–Paquito d’ Rivera

“YOA opened my eyes to a new world.”
–Sarah Chang

“It is a wonderful experience to make music with this orchestra.”
–Gabriela Montero

“What an amazing adventure!”
–Louis Lortie

“This orchestra changes lives.”
–Rafael Payare


“YOA explains that what unites us as people is greater than that which separates us.”
–Paulo Coelho, Author, The Alchemist

“YOA is the most important cultural project in the Americas.”
Cesar Gavíria, President of Colombia (1990-1994)

“YOA is a model for the world.”
–David Rockefeller, Jr., Philanthropist

“The enthusiasm sparked by this orchestra reveals the power of music to bring people together, creating and strengthening bonds within the community and between nations.”
–David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

“YOA is a source of inspiration to all musicians.”
–Cecilia Morel, First Lady of Chile (2010-2014)

This orchestra embodies the truth that musical instruments are more powerful than guns.”
Óscar Arias, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1987);
President of Costa Rica (1986-1990; 2006-2010)

YOA plays a vital role in the formation of young artists from the Americas.”
–Marta Linares, First Lady of Panama

“YOA represents a new paradigm towards a world that is more tolerant and responsible.”
–Laura Chinchilla Miranda
, President of Costa Rica (2010-2014)

“YOA as a place for social inclusion and integration among nations is a compelling model.”
–Daniel Ortega
, President of Nicaragua

“YOA is a part of a lasting legacy for our country.”
–Otto Pérez Molina
, President of Guatemala

“YOA raises awareness for the importance of music education within countries.”
–Sir Colville Young,
Governor-General of Belize


“A rapturous performance of Rachmaninoff…”
– The Los Angeles Times (Mark Swed)

“It was a triumph for the orchestra. Yo-Yo Ma beamed as he turned to encourage the young players… the musicians rose to the occasion and matched Ma’s energized and inspired playing.”
–The New York Times

“The future of classical music was presented Tuesday night at Wolf Trap, and it looked very promising… The performances were notable for professionalism, precision of ensemble and intonation and, above all, apparently unlimited energy.”
–The Washington Post

“Triumphant… Let those who despair of the young ponder last night’s concert.”
–The Boston Globe

“In YOA, the quest for musical excellence can break the cycle of poverty.”
(Latin America)

“YOA Orchestra of the Americas leaves a trail of cross-cultural high spirits.”
–Symphony Magazine

“Friendships quickly formed across boundaries, ages, and language. Music and international harmony blossomed.”
–National Public Radio’s The World

“YOA, synonym of joy.”
–Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada

“It would be registered as one of the most captivating and surprising concerts in recent years… It was a night, where it appeared on stage, as rarely happens, the mystery of an invisible force of concentration, discipline and a contagious love of music, to the point of producing a total silence and stillness in the hall.”
–La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina

 “Pure talent! The energy of the Americas’ youth!”
–El Universal
, Caracas, Venezuela

“A storm of emotions for music lovers.”
–La Tribune
, Sherbrooke, Canada

“Beyond the music, as exquisite as it was, an encounter with these great musicians of the Americas will not have an equal anytime soon.”
–Le Courant
, Mont Laurier, Canada

“They demonstrated what the international critics have made clear: the precision of ensemble, the intonation, and above all, the youthful impression of musical energy without limits…”
–El Comercio
, Lima, Peru  

“…I am not going to talk about the incredible quality of this orchestra… What I want to describe is the emotional impact that I felt by seeing all these young people from all the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia, sharing their dreams and their commitment to art. It was a privilege to have attended this concert.”
–El Universal, 
Caracas, Venezuela

“To change the world with music.”
–La Presse, Montreal, Canada

“What a passionate concert!”
–O GLOBO, São Paulo, Brazil

“A unique musical experience.”
–The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, Canada

“More than musical excellence, the feeling of solidarity and social commitment from each musician on stage brought the concert to life.”
–Diario Página 12, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“YOA has a lasting impact. The orchestra builds a resonance in the lives of young people to inspire them, to make palpable new futures.”
–Diario La Prensa,
Panamá City, Panamá.

“It was an extremely special night, full of energy, emotion, and above all, good music… The success was total… both the quality of the music and the response of the audience… a concert to remember.”
–El Norte, Monterrey, Mexico

“A celebration of music and discovery.”
Stratford Beacon Herald, Stratford, Canada

“To be accepted to this orchestra is to become a multiplier of dreams.”
–La Prensa, Managua, Nicaragua

“Five stars! Excellent concert!”
–La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The musical voyage of YOA stopped in El Salvador last night. Youth from more than 20 countries brought their talents together on stage to give a concert of the highest quality imaginable.”
Diario El Mundo, San Salvador, El Salvador

“YOA is a powerful symbol of unity.”
–Strings Magazine

“The YOA hurricane came to Chile this week.”
–El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile

“Excellent concert! YOA brings color and youth to the classical music.”
–Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai, China

“YOA lavished the audience with passion and energy, interpreted difficult repertoire, and elicited from the audience minutes and minutes of applause… Afterwards, the ovation was large and long. Without doubt, the people asked for more…”
–La Nación, San José, Costa Rica

“It was a singular, emotional concert.”
–El Comercio, Quito, Ecuador

“From the start the orchestra exhibited its interpretive range and contagious energy.”
–Diario la Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“YOA is the melody of the Americas.”
–El Comercio, Lima, Peru

“They are virtuosos, but also young people who make the concert fun.”
–El Universal, Mexico City, Mexico  

“This was a concert the likes of which you will probably never see again.”
–News Channel 5, Belize City, Belize

“YOA plays as if every show were its last – no matter whether the location is Teatro Colón or outdoors in the street.”
–Diario Perfil,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

“YOA charts a new map with music.”
–La Nación, Caracas, Venezuela

“YOA brings to stage the most talented young musicians of the Americas.”
–El Milenio, León, Mexico

“YOA is the most important youth orchestra in the Americas.”
–Diario la Tercera, Santiago, Chile

“Unforgettable and spectacular, the adjectives that perfectly define last night’s YOA concert.”
–La Jornada Michoacán, Michoacán, Mexico

“This global project left its footprint on our city.”
–Diario de Concepción, Concepción, Chile

“The National Theater was filled last night with the sound of a Continent.”
–El 19 Digital, Managua, Nicaragua